Taking steps to secure success!

Ask yourself this question​

How can I bring Fortune 100-500 core company competencies to my organization?

Our Answer​

We have worked for some of the top companies in Corporate America. We have succeeded within these companies and lived the ideals day in and day out.

Who is B&R?

 “The Practices & Standards of Major Multinational Companies at Your Fingertips” 

B&R will “Paint the Picture” for your success. We are a specialist group of professionals who provide Best Practices-Best In Class consultative practices for all sizes of organizations. Our team of business professionals and educators have worked in large, medium, and small scale organizations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

B&R Global Business Management Group is a business development conglomerate utilizing a network of businesses cohesively aligned to provide products and services to clients and customers in a manner unmatched in the industry. B&R is interested in merging with existing businesses who have acquired contracts, or companies, but lack the top/down management needed to achieve success.

B&R Global Business Management dispatches vetted professionals and educators from various industries including: International business, Finance, Information Technology, English Language for Specific Purposes, Health-care, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Heavy Equipment. Our team of business professionals and educators have worked in large, medium, and small scale organizations along with educating at universities in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

We provide business & sales campaign management, product sales & training, market penetration, client training, on-board services, small business organizational support, payroll management, accounting & tax services, and Information Technology.

“We are results driven: We don’t stop working until you see results.”

What is B&R's Mission?

“Our Aim is to Enhance”

At B&R our aim is to enhance the value and competitive advantage of every organization we consult. There are many consulting firms in the marketplace, but none match our unique course offerings that set organizations apart from the rest. Enhancement in management, finance, and technology leads to a wider gap ahead of the competition. B&R shows the way.

“We drive business for YOU, sit back and enjoy the ride”

Have you heard of Randall Stephenson of AT&T, Lee Kun-Hee of Samsung, UPS, or G&K Services? Just to name a few.

Our principles, ethics, and execution are both parts of this elite code of ethics and partly forged along our own journey. Beginning with a firm foundation in Service and Communication.

At our Core, flexibility and resourcefulness are greatly pronounced. We speak the language of the youth, we understand indecisiveness, and we reciprocate passion.

A benchmark of success is the ability to reduce turnover and develop talent. A tradition of excellence is real to the Al-Jisr Team.

We have overcome adversity, weathered many a storm, the knowledge and examples we share are tried and true. We maintain full confidence in our execution, as we have seen the plot many times over.