Short Course Training Quick Sample

  1. Self-Leadership-1 day
  2. Customer Service: Critical Elements of Customer Service-1 day
  3. Active Listening- 1 day
  4. Dynamite Sales Presentations-1 day
  5. Building Self Esteem- 1 day
  6. Coaching and Mentoring-1 day
  7. Customer Service Training: Managing Customer Service-1 day
  8. Building Better Teams-1 days
  9. Business Writing That Works-2 days
  10. Customer Service Critical Elements of Customer Service-2 days
  11. Call Centre Sales Training-2 days
  12. Telemarketing: Using the telephone as a sales tool -2 days
  13. Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People-2 days
  14. Conflict Resolution: Getting Along in the Workplace-2 days
  15. Leadership Skills for Supervisors: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict-2 days
  16. Problem-Solving and Decision Making- 2 days
  17. Team Building: Developing High-Performance Trams-2 days
  18. Communication Strategies-2 days

Policy and Procedures:

  1. Please note the names of the courses are subject to change.
  2. Your trainer is a Native English speaker from the USA. Resides in Jeddah
  3. Content Customization is available. Inquire about adding your branding to the deliverables.
  4. LMS compatibility, SCORM 2.0. If online courses are needed, they can be taken on our platform.
  5. Time needed to prepare online criteria, 3 months 2-3 months set up.
  6. Time needed to prepare for the workshop. 7 days – 3 months depending on the need.
  7. Inquire about The Above the Standard Professional Development Program and develop Subject Matter Experts.
  8. All recruitment services must make a deposit to begin work. Recruitment OJT Training (Shadowing) must make 60% deposit to begin work, must purchase technology and complete training to begin.
  9. For work outside KSA, the client must provide multi entry/exit Visa and payment of processing fees.

Your Criteria, Your Needs, Delivered!

This is a sample of our short courses. We will provide the trainer if you need one. Please note the availability of our trainer’s change due to their commitments. Book your appointments early and often to secure your preferred trainer.